Urban Building Products Ltd is a World Wide company with its office based in Auckland New Zealand.
The Company was established in the year 2002 to provide quality "purpose designed" building products to builders and building companies that would save time, save costs and reduce liability.

The initial product brought to the market, a polypropylene foundation peg that supports reinforcing steel prior to the placement of concrete, while acting as a height indicator for the concrete to be laid to, the "Reo Peg" is still in wide demand today.

2003 brought changes to the New Zealand building industry, the new requirement was for height adjustable pedestals to be used to separate the trafficable surfaces (ceramic tiles) from the waterproofing membranes on balcony decks, Urban Building Products identified that the pedestals currently available in New Zealand were incredibly overpriced and imported.  We felt we could make a simpler and significantly more cost effect product in New Zealand.  The New Zealand "Deck Jak® System" was born.

Over a period of years a full range of moulds were made to suit the various sizes required to meet the market.  Additionally a second varierty was added to the range that allowed for the seating of timber joists onto the Jaks.  This range of Jaks was aptly named Joist Jaks®

The Deck Jak® and Joist Jak® Systems are now widely used and preferred throughout New Zealand.

Currently (2014) work is being undertaken on the development of a new product which will be released to the Construction Market late 2014



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Deck Jaks

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Joist Jaks

Joist Jak with Wood(copy)

Reo Pegs

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Timber Panels


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Urban Building Products Ltd has been in business since 2002 supplying innovative building
products to building professionals




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